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There is a white horse in my garden - The Book

75 EUR

There is a white horse in my garden (Im Garten ist ein weisses Pferd)

A new book about my garden and the house.
To support the restoration of my house.
Limited to 222 copies. Handmade.
signed and numbered

Four years ago i was so crazy to buy a little old house with a garden in the middle of nowhere. It’s a magical place with a lot of atmosphere and a lot of bricks and wood that need to be reconstructed.. I know this village since years and take many of my photographs there.

All these pictures are mobile phone pictures from my garden, the house and the village. It’s a photo album in the same style i sometimes do for friends and family. Be prepared for pink skies, flowers and a cat.

This book is part of the Book and Media Art Collection at Kunstbibliothek Berlin / Staatliche Museen zu Berlin (National Museums).

41 digital colour prints (10x13cm) on
110 g Recycling paper
24 x 27 cm (9,5 x 10,6 inch)
The book comes with a handmade cardboard box.
Completely handmade.
Edition: 222

Please allow 14 days for shipping - the book is completely handmade and it takes some time to make one.  
Each piece is a bit different and has small irregularities. Also the binding possibly will fade away with time. All that is welcome and part of the project.


Olga Yatskevich on collectordaily.com:
"There is no cover and all the pages look the same, making it resemble a sculpture.
The picture immediately brings to mind associations with summertime and easy going slowness of the farm atmosphere.
Many of the photographs reflect this calmness and tranquility found in village life, their minimalism and stillness setting the tone.
The pictures and stories are about connection, and close observation, and care. It seems her country life is both solitary and filled with an understated sense of community.
As a metaphor for the elusive and humble pleasures of this house, the white horse, like anything fragile and beautiful in the world, is easy to miss if one doesn’t look more closely.
There is a white horse in my garden can be seen as an artistic extension of Schwalbe’s life on the farm, a meditation on the richness of the small discoveries to made there. Its thoughtful, delicate presentation resembles a lovingly crafted family album, its combination of the mundane and poetic becoming a lasting record of fleeting moments."

Please let me know if you have any questions: anneschwalbe.berlin@gmail.com

The work of Berlin photographer Anne Schwalbe focuses on nature and visualizes stillness. She takes photos of meadows, gardens, trees - the title of her current work: Wiese Garten Baum. Since 2018 her column The Gardens of Others is published at Zeit Magazin. Her work is exhibited in Europe, the USA and Japan. Upcoming Exhibition: February 2019 Curator’s Cube Tokyo.



Schwalbe photographs her surroundings intuitively, with no preconceived ideas. Compiled in a publication or hanging together in an exhibition, the photos become the lines of a poem. Anne Schwalbe visualizes stillness, providing another voice and a welcome change from the contemporary visual bombardment. With no reference to location or other narrative aspects, she reveals what has caught her notice, or the things that fascinate her. (…) each image has its own strength and tells its own story in the mind of the viewer.            
Foam Museum for Photography Amsterdam                                                                                   

The images although void of any narrative reveal an enormous amount of curiosity and intensity. Also the delicate presentation of the book as a collection of loose leaves seems more than adequate to the subject matter. This is an absolute gem.                                                                                                                             
Photographers’ Gallery London

Berlin-born photographer Anne Schwalbe recently put a pair of new prints up for sale on her website. Her work is very serene, capturing the simplicity of nature's small beauties and putting them through subtly altered states as part of the printing process.                                                                          
Ryan Willms / Inventory Magazine

Anne Schwalbe hat einen Blick für die Abstraktionen der Natur, für die Geometrien von Gräsern, aber auch für die Grazie einer einzelnen Feldblume. Zwischen Berlin und Tokio hat sie seit 2009 Hunderte Rasenstücke fotografiert und in ihrer Serie „Wiese“ und "Wiese XXI-XLVIII“ editiert. (…) Bilder voller Geheimnis, weil sie keine Hinweise auf die Umgebung, keine narrativen Perspektiven  bieten und die deshalb, bei aller Ausschnitthaftigkeit, so grenzenlos sind. dass sie ihre ganz eigene Geschichte im Auge des Betrachters erzählen.  
Simone Herrmann / Architectural Digest     

The ethereal nature of photography at its best.                                
Bruno Ceschel / Self Publish Be Happy               

From the mystic to the banal, each photograph is somehow able to captivate the viewer, with a strange and eerie depth to the images, ghost-like and compelling.                    
Bemojake / Maxwell Anderson, London                           

Anne Schwalbe´s ›Wiese‹ (meadow) - Flowers, grasses, ferns - they are simply there and radiate in an unnamed grassy paradise. Almost too beautiful to be true. The clear layout, the particular choice of materials, the special finishing - everything contributes to the fact, that we step on this meadow slowly and cautiously, look around in peace and can enjoy the often overlooked gems. Every E-Mail, my friend Wolfgang Beinert sends, ends with the words: EVERYTHING GOOD IS FRAGILE - SAVE IT! This also is the message of Anne Schwalbe´s WIESE.              
Hannes Wanderer / 25books Berlin

Anne Schwalbe nimmt das Gewöhnliche nicht für selbstverständlich. /
Anne Schwalbe does not take the ordinary for granted.
Petra Löffler / Zeitschrift für Medienwissenschaft